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SD Card Burning and Duplicating

Burn an SD card with OSX

Download a Raspian image frome here

Use Etcher to burn an image file to an SD card.

Duplicate an SD card with OSX

Insert an SD card and determine the mount point with:

diskutil list

Unmount (NOT eject) the SD card disk with:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX
If the mount point were /dev/diskX, copy the contents to ~/images/raspberrypi.img with:
sudo dd if=/dev/rdiskX of=~/images/raspberrypi.img bs=1m

Notice the use of rdisk2 instead of disk2. Also the dd command can take a long time to complete and provides no visual feedback on its progress.

After creating the .img file, use Etcher to burn the image file to an SD card.