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EV3 Notes

For full ev3dev documentation visit here.

For full ev3dev Python documentation visit here.


The default username/password is: robot/maker

Connect to an EV3 named ev3dev1.local with:

ssh robot@ev3dev1.local

Copy files to an EV3 named ev3dev1.local with a sftp session:

$ sftp robot@ev3dev1.local
robot@ev3dev3.local's password: 
Connected to ev3dev3.local.
sftp> put file_name

Exit from sftp with ctrl-D.

Or you can use scp:

scp file_name robot@ev3dev1.local:/home/robot/

Update Linux Bits

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo reboot now

EV3 Python Bindings

Install the EV3 Python bindings on the EV3 with:

pip install python-ev3dev

To avoid warnings within PyCharm, install the EV3 Python bindings on the host machine with:

pip3 install python-ev3dev

EV3 Projects