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Magni Notes

Connect to robot while in wifi AP mode

  • Click the outside button on the sensor bar to enable wifi AP mode.
  • Connect to the magni SSID using this wifi password: robotseverywhere
  • Once connected, login with: ssh ubuntu@magni.local password: ubuntu (the default hostname is ubiquityrobot.local)

Wifi Management

  • The Magni uses pifi for wifi management.

  • The Magni distro boots with wifi AP mode enabled, which allows you connect to the magni SID and login via ssh and add your local wifi SID.

  • Enable wifi AP mode by pressing SW2 button on the sensor bar. AP mode is indicated by a flashing blue LED.


Charge to 29.4 with 32 volts with 1 amp current limit

Harware Status

  • You should see 5 green lights, with top light blinking every 6 seconds.
  • If the bottom 2 LEDs are not illuminated, you need to charge your batteries.

Handy Commands

  • Assign new hostname: sudo pifi set-hostname NEW_HOSTNAME
  • Add a new network to the robot: sudo pifi add MyNetwork password
  • Calibrate the wheels: rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure
  • Simple teleop: rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard
  • Shutting down the robot: sudo shutdown -h now or press SW1 button on the sensor bar and hold for 3 seconds