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Nvidia Jetson TX2 Notes


Instructions for building OpenCV 3.2 on the TX2 are here

ROS and Gazebo

The gazebo7-common library is limited to version 7.0.0+dfsg-2. So install ROS and Gazebo with:

sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-desktop-full  gazebo7-common=7.0.0+dfsg-2 

Check here for updates.


To install pycuda, follow the directions here (substituting 8.0 for the 7.0).

Anaconda Python

You cannot install Anaconda python on the Jetson TX2 because there is no support for aarch64 architecture.


Install numba outside of Anaconda with:

sudo apt-get install llvm-config-4.0
sudo su -
export LLVM_CONFIG=$(which llvm-config-4.0)
pip install numba
Notes on this are here.