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ROS Commands

Build packages in workspace

cd ~/catkin_ws

Create packages

This creates ~/catkin_ws/src/new_package_name and initialize it with a /src directory and the files: CMakeLists.txt and package.xml.

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
catkin_create_pkg new_package_name rospy  [dependent packages]

Running a program in a package


ROS rospy_tutorials

The rospy_tutorials are installed with the ros-kinetic-desktop package.

Start a talker and a listener:

rosrun rospy_tutorials talker

rosrun rospy_tutorials listener

rostopic echo chatter

Examine the graph amd messages:



rqt   # (and select topic monitor)

ROS Setup Debugging

roswtf yourfile.launch

ROS Utilities


roslaunch [package] [filename.launch]

ROS Nodes

rosnode list
rosnode info
rosrun [package_name] [node_name]
rosnode ping [node_name]
rosnode cleanup

ROS Topics

rostopic list              print information about active topics
rostopic hz topic_name     display publishing rate of topic    
rostopic bw topic_name     display bandwidth used by topic
rostopic pub topic_name    publish data to topic
rostopic echo topic_name   print messages to screen
rostopic type topic_name   print topic type

ROS Services

rosservice list                print information about active services
rosservice call service_name   call the service with the provided args
rosservice type service_name   print service type
rosservice find service_name   find services by service type
rosservice uri service_name    print service ROSRPC uri

ROS Parameters

rosparam list                  list parameter names
rosparam set param_name value  set parameter
rosparam get param_name        get parameter
rosparam load file_name        load parameters from file
rosparam dump file_name        dump parameters to file
rosparam delete param_name     delete parameter

ROS msg and srv Files

rosmsg show     Show message description
rosmsg list     List all messages
rosmsg md5      Display message md5sum
rosmsg package  List messages in a package
rosmsg packages List packages that contain messages

rossrv show [service type]

ROS Filesystem

roscd [locationname[/subdir]]
rosls [locationname[/subdir]]
rospack find [package_name]